Faith got me through hard time

In that moment, I was tested - emotionally and physically, I was drained! I hold on to a dhikr which has been my mantra, "There is no power and strength, except with Allah". It is He who holds the heart of the evaluators, so let their heart be soften, so they speak nicely to me, so I could bear all the intense and stressful moment. And it is He who will give me strength and He knows my limit. I am so thankful to God because He give me strength and He give me patience to handle all these things and He give me blessings in my life, with people that are very very nice. I recap all of the good memories He gave, which is a lot more than the hardship I went through.

If I have more time, I can do that too

Do you remember that time when you said, "If I have time, surely, I will do that too"? InsyaAllah. Well, yes I do. And this is my personal reflection. But I think some of us might feel the same way. This is the reflection for this trial when Allah give us MORE time. Do we use it the way we intended to once upon a time? Allah is watching us, on how we manage our time, how we use it to do things that we said we wanted to do a long time ago, in another way, this is a blessing! We have more time to ourselves.

Would we know if we’re going to die?

Let's pray Allah answer our du'a that we want to have a good ending, to get His forgiveness and blessings before we die. And He would give us hidayah and make us feel like we want to do more ibadah, and we do it before we die.

Life is difficult – limit yourself or stop limiting yourself?

I hope at certain point in our lives, we all have been reminded that Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear. This ayah teaches us that even if you thought at that time you could not bear the pain, He knows His plan and He knows it is within our limit and He is the Best Planner. I want to share a different take for (2:286) which focuses on our limit/capacity - how Prophet Moses AS set his own limit from Surah Al Kahf (18:60-82), this is the whole section of the story for Trial of Knowledge.

Have you ever cried while you’re sleeping?

“Dreams are of three types: Some are terrifying things from Satan, aimed at causing grief to the son of Adam; some are things that a person is concerned with when he is awake, so he sees them in his dreams; and some are a part of the forty-six parts of prophecy.”


Once you start doing it the first time it is easy to do it on the second, third, fourth time but if you stop doing it constantly, you lose the momentum and you have to start again. Boom. You're stuck in the laziness of starting AGAIN! Basically, do not stop. But it is hard right? To be istiqamah in doing something.

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